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SEKPA donates to Kidney Research UK 

A Med Tech Dialysis Competition has been run by Kidney Research UK to find ways in which to make Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) and Haemodialysis (HD) more tolerable.

SEKPA very much supports these aims and has agreed to support one of the 3 winners of the competition. The selected project is to develop a wearable ultrasound sensor that provides continuous monitoring of blood flow in a fistula.


At present, the function of a fistula is only checked at routine visits to the hospital, typically every 6 months. The result is that any narrowing of a blood vessel (stenosis) is sometimes detected too late for a simple solution to be found. The development of a wearable ultrasound sensor will enable the fistula to be monitored while at home as well as when in the renal unit. This will be a benefit to both patients and staff.

The total cost of the project is £30,000. SEKPA is funding £15,000 of this, sharing the cost with Kidney Research UK.

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