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Information provided by the Sussex Kidney Unit (SKU)
covering Kidney Units at Brighton, Bexhill, Crawley, Eastbourne and Worthing 

4th Vaccine

4th Covid Vaccination

People with a kidney transplant or on immuno-suppression are eligible for a 4th booster Covid-19 vaccination at 3 months after the 3rd vaccination. 

This group of people are encouraged to get a 4th vaccination, as there is strong evidence to suggest that they may never have mounted an adequate immune response to previous vaccines and that immunity reduces over time.

Covid Treatments now available for Vulnerable Patients

Kidney Patients in the high risk group, i.e. those with CKD 4 and 5, on dialysis, or with a kidney transplant and on immunosuppression are all eligible to be assessed for a recently developed Covid-19 treatment if they have a Covid-19 infection. The indications for treatment are:

  • Being in the high risk group

  • Having a positive Covid PCR test in the last 5 days

  • The onset of symptoms is within the last 5 days

  • The symptoms are significant

Eligible patients who test positive should inform their GP or phone 111. They will then be contacted by the Covid Medicine Delivery Unit who will advise them of the preferred treatment.

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