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Supporting Kidney Patients across Sussex ​

SEKPA is registered with the Charities Commission as Charity 284497 and is affiliated to the National Kidney Federation (NKF). It was formed in 1980 with the sole purpose of supporting kidney patients across Sussex.

It provides funding for items that help improve the wellbeing of patients that they would not otherwise have obtained and by giving assistance where needed.


Membership is free and is open to all kidney patients and their close relatives and friends.


Committee members are all volunteers who are either patients, carers or have an interest in supporting renal patients.

Meet the committee

Jack Cogman.jpg
Jack Cogman


Transplant patient, previously on HD Home Dialysis

Judy Morgan.jpg
Judy Morgan


Formerly a secretary in the Sussex Kidney Unit

Sandra Webb.jpg
Sandra Webb


Husband was a PD and transplant patient

Carl Bullen.jpg
Carl Bullen

Committee Member:

Transplant patient. Is also the leader of the Renal Peer User Group (RPUG)

Jacquie Dowding.png
Jacquie Dowding

Committee Member and NKF Representative:

Kidney patient on her second transplant, after 29 years life from her first one.

An experienced and active yachtswoman

If you have an interest in helping Kidney Patients, please let us know:
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